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Enjoy and Learn...

The French American Center offers you the opportunity to experience the French way of life and to learn French in its idiomatic form through cultural exchange and reciprocal languague learning. Where in most schools you would spend your time with other foreigners we will enable you to share your time with French people thanks to our unique structure. Because we truly focus on cultural exchange we are able to surround you with welcoming French people who are ready to spend time with you on excursions, during social events and special language sessions. You can also share meals with French families or languague partners even if you decide not to live with a  family during your stay in Montpellier.

A Great Place to Discover

Montpellier, with its 55,000 students is a buzzing exciting place to be at any time of year. It is the capital of the Languedoc- Roussillon a region which has a lot to offer to its visitors. The long sandy beaches and small fishing ports of its coasts are a great attraction from April to October. The famous Camargue is  a delight to discover - between the salt marshes and the sea, with its pink flamingos, bulls, and horses.

If you enjoy walking you'll love the wild country of the 'garrigue' - the breath-taking, natural beauty of the Regional Natural Park of Haut-Languedoc, the canyons in the Lozère and the Cévennes forests.

Within easy reach you can also get a feeling for the history of the region by visiting Roman sites and monuments  (Nimes, le Pont du Gard, l'Opidum d'Ensérune, la Via Domitia)The Cathars also left their mark on the region with their many castles, and Carcassonne, the biggest medieval city.

The city of Montpellier itself is a fascinating place which has been at the crossroads of various Mediterranean cultures since its foundation. Montpellier has a deep-rooted university tradition. Medicine has been one of the city's chief vocations since the 11th century, and its medical school is the oldest in the Western world.

The winding streets of the historic center leading from the large open 'place de la comédie' to a series of pretty little churches and squares offer a delightful choice of cafés with their welcoming sunny terraces and interesting boutiques. Montpellier and the towns surrounding it are also full of a host of great places to eat well and inexpensively. Finally if music and theatre are of interest to you then you will enjoy the dance festival, the music festival and the theatre festival that Montpellier plays host to every year. 

Practical Fun, French Courses

Choose from group or private courses and enjoy our practical approach.

Our aim is to teach you  authentic French that will enable you to communicate easily with native speakers. In order to ensure rapid progress our teaching method takes into account the French speaking-environment in which you will be immersed during your stay.

We put  the emphasis on putting the languague into  practice, and each class revolves around themes linked to French culture (French music, cuisine, media, savoir-vivre, cultural differences and all the French peculiarities you’ll never learn in a text book!).

Grammar,language structure vocabulary and idiomatic expressions are integrated into the class through oral activities that will give you the confidence to express yourselves in everyday conversation as well as improving your acuracy.

The class consists of a small group of students and takes place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere thus favouring interactivity. 

Activities You Will Enjoy

Freedom to choose your pace.

With the French American Center you can choose options that enable you to  modulate the intensity of French that you will be speaking. You can combine more relaxing holiday type options, such as wine tasting, and days at the beach, with your lessons and learn at a leasurely pace. Alternatively you can choose to stay immersed in the languague in a more proactive way by scheduling as many sessions as possible with your teacher, languague partners and host family.

Language Partners

If you choose this option you will be matched with a French partner and meet for reciprocal languague learning sessions where you mutually correct each others languague.

Added Extras - Spoil Yourself

You can also ask for the following :

Great Excursions on Offer

Montpellier is a fascinating and beautiful historic city and is also surrounded by great places to visit within easy reach, the sea on one side and the hills and mountains on the other. Our basic package includes one full day and two half day excursions per week that will enable you to discover 

Choose Where to Stay

Family Homestay
In a motivated and friendly host family with or without breakfast and an evening meal.

Self Catering
Furnished apartments in the center of town with access to a laudry.

A choice from different styles of 1, 2 or 3 star hotels situated in the center of town.

Be Part of Our Center

Based in the historic center of Montpellier, (qaurtier des Arceaux)  The French American Center is a non profit organisation dedicated to cultural exchange and offering a variety of programmes to French and English speakers alike including :

We have between five and seven hundred members per year at least 85% of  whom are French. Our association in Montpellier was set up fifteen years ago to promote cultural exchange and we have a busy and welcoming center with five well equipped classrooms, reception rooms a kitchen and offices. Our team of French and English teachers runs the center year round working closely together to create a really warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Basic Package

One Week           840 €

Each Extra Week 600 €

Our Great Value Basic Package Includes, per week:


Extra Lessons

Group lessons p hour - 12  €
Private lessons p hour - 28  €

Reservations And Conditions

If you would like to participate in our program please contact us for an application form by e.mail at,by telephone at +33 4 67 92 30 66 or by fax at +33 4 67 58 98 20. We will then ask you to send the form back with a 100€ application fee and   contact you to confirm your inscription.

The remaining fees must be paid one month prior to departure at which point we will supply  details of your host family or chosen accomodation and your pre - departure orientation pack.



4, rue Saint Louis | 34000 Montpellier
tel: +33.(0)


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Heures d'ouverture - du Lundi au Vendredi de 9h00 à 12h et de 14h à 18h00, renseignements sur place sur rendez-vous

Le French American Center est éco-responsable

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Boîte à Idées

La chaîne YouTube du French American Center

Calendrier d'évènements

Télécharger le calendrier des animations culturelles (pdf)

  • Speed Talking
    Jeudi 13 Septembre 2018 à 19h au French American Center
    Venez nombreux à notre soirée de Bienvenue pour la rentrée 2017.
    Nous vous proposons des petites conversations pour échanger en anglais et en français.
  • Exposition Florian Vanderdonckt
    Vendredi 28 Septembre 2018 à 19h au French American Center
    Nous accueillons Florian Vanderdonckt, un artiste montpellierain hors du commun ! Venez découvrir ou redécouvrir New-York à travers ses oeuvres !
  • Exposition NAV
    Jeudi 11 Octobre 2018 à 19h au French American Center
    The French-American Center accueil Nav Vilain, une artiste londonienne exceptionnelle ! Venez découvrir sa poésie et partager cet évènement inédit avec nous !
  • Halloween Kids Workshop
    Mercredi 17 Octobre 2018 à 12h15 au French American Center
    Atelier créatif et déjeuner sur le thème de Halloween pour les enfants.
  • Halloween Kids Party
    Mercredi 31 Octobre 2018 à 18h au French American Center
    Grande fête d'Halloween, pour les enfants. Jeux traditionnels et concours de déguisement
  • Thanksgiving Kids Workshop
    Mercredi 21 Novembre 2018 à 12h15 au French American Center
    Atelier créatif et déjeuner sur le thème de Thanksgiving pour les enfants.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
    Jeudi 22 Novembre 2018 à 19h00 RV pour l'apéro au French American Center
    Apéro et Présentation Sur Thanksgiving suivi d'un repas traditionnel gourmet chez Bonobo, jeux et quiz.
    Place limité Réservation Obligatoire
    ❤ S'enregistrer/Sign up ❤
  • Christmas Kids Workshop
    Mercredi 19 Décembre 2018 à 12h15 au French American Center
    Atelier créatif et déjeuner sur le thème de Noël pour les enfants
  • Christmas White Elephant Party and Carols
    Jeudi 20 Décembre 2018 à 19h00 au French American Center
    Apportez un petit cadeau et fêtons Noël ensemble selon la tradition Américaine.
  • New Year Cocktail Party
    Jeudi 10 Janvier 2019 à 19h au French American Center
    Venez partager vos meilleurs voeux et nouvelles résolutions en anglais.
  • Valentine's Day Kids Workshop
    Mercredi 13 Février 2019 à 12h15 au French American Center
    Atelier créatif et déjeuner sur le thème de l'amour pour les enfants.
  • Valentines Day Party
    Jeudi 14 Fevrier 2019 à 19h au French American Center
    Partageons ensemble cette belle soirée dédiée à l'amour.
  • St Patricks Day Kids Workshop
    Mercedi 13 Mars 2019 à 12h15 au French American Center
    Atelier créatif et déjeuner sur le thème de la St Patrick pour les enfants.
  • St Patricks Day Dress Up Party
    Vendredi 15 Mars 2019 à 19h au French American Center
    Présentation de l'histoire de la Saint Patrick avec des jeux typiques, des quiz et un apéritif. N'oubliez pas de porter un vêtement vert !
  • Plus d'infos sur The Apéritif Party


  • Fermeture annuel du 4 au 19 août 2018 inclus
  • Fermeture fin d'année - du 22 décembre 2018 au 2 janvier 2019

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