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Au Pair in France

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The Au Pair in France program serves the needs of French families in the Languedoc region in the south of France who need childcare assistance. Au Pair candidates are matched to Host Families based on mutual objectives. Host families initiate the exchange by selecting a particular candidate. Specific arrangements are decided upon by both parties. The program's overall objective is to increase the Au Pair's appreciation for French language and culture while facilitating international understanding.

How the Au Pair in France Progam Works

The French Host Families are seeking quality live-in childcare and contact with English-speaking young people for their children. The Au Pair, typically a conscientious young woman, aged 18-25, with French language proficiency and childcare experience, wants to become completely immersed in France and its culture. The French-American Center attempts to bring together these two parties for a mutually rewarding experience. Our branch office in Montpellier screen Host Families and their applications. Based on matching criteria, Au Pair candidates are proposed to Host Families. The Host Family will contact the Au Pair candidate to discuss specific arrangements. When the Host Family makes a final selection, a standardized Au Pair contract (Accord) and a formal letter of invitation are signed, certified by the French Department of Labor and sent to the Au Pair candidate. Transportation arrangements and exact date of arrival, as well as other details, are determined by mutual agreement between the Host Family and the Au Pair candidate. The French-American Center acts as an intermediary to aid in the selection process, assists with travel arrangements through our Official Airline, then gives support and counseling during the Au Pair's stay in France at the branch office nearest the Host Family.

How to become an Au Pair in France

  • 1. Fill out the Application Form neatly and accurately, attaching to it all the elements required. You should submit a page album of personal photos showing you (with children), your family and friends. Please note that these photos can not be returned to you. The better your Application, the easier and quicker the Center can place you with a Host Family. Incomplete or poor applications will not be accepted.
  • 2. Attach an International Money Order or Cashiers' Check for $180 to cover your $120 membership fees in the French-American Center (non-reimbursable) and $60 Au Pair in France application fee (reimbursable, if we can not place you in a Host Family).
  • 3. We will submit your application to interested Host Families.
  • The Host Families will contact you directly and offer you an Au Pair arrangement which hopefully suits both your needs and the family's.You should be receptive and positive to all proposals. We encourage you to accept the first formal invitation to become an Au Pair in France, even if it is not ideal. The Host Family may also have to modify their plans to accommodate your needs and schedule. The French American Center remains in contact with you at all times to help you to adapt to your new situation and to help you to make new friends. We also intervene if any problems arise in your host family and if no agreement can be reached following discussions and communication from both sides we find a new host family for you. (Providing no fault has been committed by the au pair.)

    Here is what you need to obtain your visa to be an au pair in France. First choose your local embassy from this list and then either contact them or download the papers from thier site.

    Visas for "Au-Pair" in France
    (Applicants must be between 18 and 30 years of age)


    My tips for future Au Pairs

    By Leah Wilmoth - American au pair in Montpellier in 2005

    Bonne Chance!

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    • Speed Talking
      Jeudi 13 Septembre 2018 à 19h au French American Center
      Venez nombreux à notre soirée de Bienvenue pour la rentrée 2017.
      Nous vous proposons des petites conversations pour échanger en anglais et en français.
    • Exposition Florian Vanderdonckt
      Vendredi 28 Septembre 2018 à 19h au French American Center
      Nous accueillons Florian Vanderdonckt, un artiste montpellierain hors du commun ! Venez découvrir ou redécouvrir New-York à travers ses oeuvres !
    • Exposition NAV
      Jeudi 11 Octobre 2018 à 19h au French American Center
      The French-American Center accueil Nav Vilain, une artiste londonienne exceptionnelle ! Venez découvrir sa poésie et partager cet évènement inédit avec nous !
    • Halloween Kids Workshop
      Mercredi 17 Octobre 2018 à 12h15 au French American Center
      Atelier créatif et déjeuner sur le thème de Halloween pour les enfants.
    • Halloween Kids Party
      Mercredi 31 Octobre 2018 à 18h au French American Center
      Grande fête d'Halloween, pour les enfants. Jeux traditionnels et concours de déguisement
    • Thanksgiving Kids Workshop
      Mercredi 21 Novembre 2018 à 12h15 au French American Center
      Atelier créatif et déjeuner sur le thème de Thanksgiving pour les enfants.
    • Thanksgiving Dinner
      Jeudi 22 Novembre 2018 à 19h00 RV pour l'apéro au French American Center
      Apéro et Présentation Sur Thanksgiving suivi d'un repas traditionnel gourmet chez Bonobo, jeux et quiz.
      Place limité Réservation Obligatoire
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    • Christmas Kids Workshop
      Mercredi 19 Décembre 2018 à 12h15 au French American Center
      Atelier créatif et déjeuner sur le thème de Noël pour les enfants
    • Christmas White Elephant Party and Carols
      Jeudi 20 Décembre 2018 à 19h00 au French American Center
      Apportez un petit cadeau et fêtons Noël ensemble selon la tradition Américaine.
    • New Year Cocktail Party
      Jeudi 10 Janvier 2019 à 19h au French American Center
      Venez partager vos meilleurs voeux et nouvelles résolutions en anglais.
    • Reunion d'information pour Day Camp Tour Brighton, Angleterre
      Vendredi 25 Janvier 2019 à 18h au French American Center.
      Séjour d'immersion en Angleterre pour les 11 à 18 ans.
    • Valentine's Day Kids Workshop
      Mercredi 13 Février 2019 à 12h15 au French American Center
      Atelier créatif et déjeuner sur le thème de l'amour pour les enfants.
    • Valentines Day Party
      Jeudi 14 Fevrier 2019 à 19h au French American Center
      Partageons ensemble cette belle soirée dédiée à l'amour.
    • St Patricks Day Kids Workshop
      Mercedi 13 Mars 2019 à 12h15 au French American Center
      Atelier créatif et déjeuner sur le thème de la St Patrick pour les enfants.
    • St Patricks Day Dress Up Party
      Vendredi 15 Mars 2019 à 19h au French American Center
      Présentation de l'histoire de la Saint Patrick avec des jeux typiques, des quiz et un apéritif. N'oubliez pas de porter un vêtement vert !
    • Plus d'infos sur The Apéritif Party


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    • Fermeture fin d'année - du 22 décembre 2018 au 2 janvier 2019

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