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How does the French-American Center's "Internship" Service work?

The program offers the participant a placement as an intern in an French organization, usually based in the south of France, for 4, 8 or 12 weeks, plus assistance with accommodations either in a French host family or in a private residence. The Center staff interviews potential candidates for the program, based on a completed application form and accompanying materials. If accepted, the candidate will be matched by our representatives in France with one of a number of French organizations seeking interns. The intern must arrive in France at a mutually convenient date, abide by the internship guidelines of the host organization, and depart France at the end of the internship.

What is an "internship"?

Each year, many French companies offer practical experience to students. These internships give participants specific duties and responsibilities in a business environment. Technically speaking, the internships are "observational." There is no remuneration. Each intern has an opportunity to be trained by French professionals on the site, providing valuable on-the-job experience. The intern agrees to work conscientiously and efficiently at all tasks he or she is given. Accommodations, meals and pocket money are the responsibility of each intern.

How does a French organization select an "intern"?

The sponsoring organization establishes internships for qualified candidates, according to its own criteria and necessities. Competition for internship positions is intense. Fluency in French is an important factor. Professional skills and experience are a plus. The personal qualities most often mentioned by sponsoring organizations are:

What kinds of organizations in France accept interns?

A wide spectrum of family businesses, insurance agencies, restaurants, youth and social centers, universities, schools, banks, hotels, travel agencies and fitness clinics sponsor internships. Our own film festival in Avignon accepts qualified interns.

What does the "Internship France" Service cost?

"Internship France" is offered exclusively to Members of the French-American Center (annual membership fees = $40). Supplementary administrative fees are $85, for a total of $125.

What is included in the Fees?

What is not included in the Fees?

What is the schedule of paying fees?

Each candidate must include the $125 Administrative and Membership Fee (non-reimbursable) with his or her application.

What is the cost of cancellation?

The $125 Administrative and Membership Fee is not refundable. Other obligations, i.e. airline reservations, accommodations, are usually refundable but may be subject to a penalty fee.

Is there a special visa required by French authorities for American participants who have been selected for an internship in France?

Not if your stay is under 3 months. The participant has a round-trip ticket before departure. He or she receives no payment for the internship and the sponsoring organization attests that the training period is for observation purposes only. Any stay longer than 3 months must be accorded by French Immigration authorities, based on a case-by-case review, before your departure from the United States.

How does an internship candidate apply for the "Internship France" Service?

What happens after your acceptance to the "Internship France" program?

Our French representatives at our Center in Montpellier will offer your application to organizations until you are accepted as an intern. You will be sent a brief profile of the business that agrees to sponsor your internship. Based on the dates of your internship, you must establish dates for your airline ticket and pay the balance of your fees. You may want to telephone your internship sponsor in France for more details about your specific tasks and responsibilities.

How proficient must your French be to participate in "Internship France" program?

Your host organization and host family expect to communicate with you in everyday French. Your language abilities should be reasonably solid for you to get the most out of the program.

What other alternatives do you have for internships?

If you feel that you may not be ready to work and live in France, please ask our U.S. office about other internships that we organize in New York, primarily working in the arts, especially participating in the French-American Center's annual film event in the spring in Manhattan, the "Avignon/New York Film Festival."

Neither the French-American Center nor its French representatives can be held responsible for losses, damages, accidents or expenses incurred by the participant before, during, or after the "Internship France" program.

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